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Sunday Service: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Bethel Nepali Church is lead by Pastor Ganesh Rai (Paul) who accepted Christ as Lord and Savior on 1992 A.D.(2049 B.S.).

Pastor Paul believed in Christ after his fourth brother Biswajit Rai was heeled through prayer of fellow believers, from the diseases that he was suffering for 4 years. The scenario took place at the last stage when he was admitted to Koshi Aanchal Hospital in Biratnagar, Nepal after staying 17 days in the hospital, doctors abandoned him informing his family he can’t be treated there and that they could take him home as there is no hope. It was a heart breaking situation for the Pastor and his family especially to his mother and father. He was returned home at that moment and there were no other options left. They had done all they could. By the Grace of Our Almighty at that heart wrenching situation a newly converted Christian named Khira Bahadur Rai, presently Pastor of the Local Church in Nepal, came to Paul's house and told everything is possible in Christ. He asked the family if he could pray for the sick brother and asked them to join in prayer. He told that his brother would recover and said that he should accept Christ after he gets healed. At that time the family was willing to do anything to have their beloved son and brother back and agreed with no hesitation. Praise be to the Lord, from next day his brother fully recovered. By seeing God's Miracle his whole family accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

Since then Pastor Paul Rai is in the ministry serving God. He is married with Susmita Pandey and has daughter Anna and son Joel. He is a also the founder of Purwanchal English Boarding School in Letang, Morang, Nepal.

His educational background includes secular study in Science(B. Sc.) and theological trainings. If you would like to contact Pastor Paul please email him at or call him at 718-415-2350.

Pastor Ganesh Rai (Paul)

"… on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it".
Matthew 16:18
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